Free Apps

Most of our apps can be used without a subscription, if you wish. In order to support the development and hosting of the apps, we will present unobtrusive ads onto the tab apps you use.



Enhance your experience with your apps by upgrading your subscription to remove ads. The higher your subscription level, the more visits per month you may have without ads. Enhancements are always being added to make your subscription even more valuable.


Custom Apps

We can design a custom app to do whatever you need and match the styling of your corporate image to blend seamlessly into your fan page! Have a new idea? Let us know! We might even publish the new app for others

Our Facebook Apps

Sugar Contact Us Tab

Designed to work with SugarCRM, this tab app creates a "Contact US" tab that captures specified information and immediately creates and assigns a lead in SugarCRM. Your SugarCRM installation must be accessible from the Internet. NOTE: This app is not endorsed by or affiliated with SugarCRM in any way. SugarCRM is a registered trademark of SugarCRM Inc.

Custom Welcome Tab

A page tab app that allows the administrator to manually create a rich HTML web page with a built-in WYSIWYG editor. With a subscription, a different page can be shown until the visitor "likes" the page.

Simple RSS Tab

A page tab app that reads a given RSS feed and displays a configurable number of articles on a tab...

Simple Google Calendar Tab

A page tab app that reads a Google calendar and displays a configurable number of events on a tab...

Simple Info Page Tab

Similar to Custom Welcome Tab, but allows the administrator to create multiple pages that the visitor can see on "tabs" across the top and are configurable on when they show - if the visitor likes the page or doesn't like. Each page may be a rich HTML web page by using the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Without a subscription, only the first page is displayed.