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    Powerful fan page Apps that are Simple to use.

    We strive to provide apps that look good, are fast, and of course... simple to use. Our collection of apps is ever growing, and becoming ever more sophisticated. Check them out for yourself!


Uniquely Simple

If having an app on your fan page provides what you want it to, then great, but what if you need to hire someone just to set it up? Not with our apps! While still providing unmatched power, we design clean and easy-to-use interfaces that help you to get your page running beefed-up in no time!


Powerful Apps

Experience the power of the features available in the apps we build. We don't throw together apps, trying to make a "quick buck". We build rugged, well-working apps that keep up with the changing Facebook standards so you don't have to. Our servers provide the needed power to keep your page snappy even during the toughest demands. Count on our apps to deliver!


Customer Support

Direct communications to provide you with help that's so good, you'll wish you could use us to help you elsewhere, too. Have an issue? Email us to receive an immediate ticket number, and one of our technicians will be on a resolution ASAP.

About Us

Simple Social Apps is a brand of social apps that are provided by Switzer Business Solutions, LLC.

While addressing our own needs for some social apps, it became apparent that there was a gap in what was already provided for use on Facebook fan pages. read more