Package Pricing

Deciding what tier to participate in is simple. We are billed by our web host based on how much traffic is generated per month. So, why not bill our customers based on similar criteria? Use the guidelines below to help you. Or, ask us to help!

Trial & Free

The free tier may be used just for testing, or as a long-term solution for fan pages of all sizes. In order for us to recoup monies spent in hosting, we will place unobtrusive ads onto the tab you add.


Three mid-tier packages are a perfect fit for more active fan pages. If at any time you go over the allowed views per month, the app will downgrage gracefully to show ads at the bottom of your page until the "Bottom Ad Visits" limit is reached, then ads will appear on the top as well, until the end of the month, or you choose to upgrade your subscription.


Business level app support with the highest level of views per month. Best Value!

Pricing Schedule